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Sonia Ghosh

“With increasing academic interests, business ties & job prospects  in China & with Chinese based companies, Mandarin language has become one of the most sought-after foreign languages in the global arena. I am passionate about teaching Mandarin language to students & working professionals, for helping them in enhancing their global skill-set”

– Sonia

Sonia is one of the founding members of Namaste Mandarin.
Exposure to China: She has lived in China for over three years & has learned Mandarin from native Chinese teachers.
Credentials: Chinese language certication program from iMandaran (a renowned Chinese language training institute, with 20 campuses across China).
Advanced program of Chinese language from renowned university “East China Normal University”.
HSK certified. (HSK is a Chinese prociency test which is conducted by Confucius Institute headquarters (Hanban) Beijing, China).
Her stay in China, has given her first hand experience of Chinese culture & exposed her to colloquial aspect of Mandarin language.
She also holds a Masters degree in Pharmaceutics, from Manipal University & has worked in MNC Pharmaceutical R&D and Clinical Research Industry for 6 years.

Course Content Advisor
Ms. Feng Yue (冯玥)

She is native Chinese speaker and certied as “Senior Chinese Language Teacher” by International Profession Certication Association. She brings with her experience of training many foreign exchange program students in Chinese Language.
She is based in China & has several years of experience in teaching Mandarin language & Chinese culture to expatriates living in China. She has expertise in coaching students for >“HSK exams.”

Our Students' Reviews



All my apprehension of undergoing a virtual class “via skype” and that too a foreign language class, was laid to rest. The module is very well conceived and the time for the course and each class was appropriate and a beginner like me was not rushed. Credit goes to Sonia, who not only has the knowledge but very good teaching skills. Appreciate the dedication shown and the immense patience. With good participation from the students side, this language can be learned without much fuss. I am happy I took the class with Sonia and also happy that I opted it via skype, saved me all the time trouble of commuting. This was just like physically attending any class and never felt like a virtual class.

Suresh Kumar

Partner – Encube Venture Partners LLP


It has been an excellent experience learning from Sonia. Many may question about the effectiveness of online classes in learning a new language, but the method of connecting on Skype for the online video classes that Sonia conducts is extremely hassle free and very convenient. She uses very useful training material and a white board to explain grammar points. It’s as good as a classroom session with the added advantage of a 1:1 session with complete focus on you. Her teaching method is very systematic and she makes sure to go through most of the exercises with you during the classes. She also shares a lot of information on Chinese culture based on her experience of staying in the country for over 3 years. Looking forward for the next level course with Sonia.

Sheetal V.Harne

Solution Architect- Professional service, E2open


I admire her as a very good teacher. I appreciate her for exhibiting a great professionalism and deeper understanding of the language and the process of teaching. In a very short time I could develop my fundamentals strong and exercise. She always encouraged me to understand the nuances through comparing my native languages and symbols. Her friendly, interpersonal savviness and greater paitence plays a bigger role in this whole process which benefits the students as well as professionals who are planning to move to China or for any other business development aspects with China. I am confident and would like to share is – Bangalore (as a strong business hub of india) needs a Mandarin teacher like you.

Sachchidanand Hegde

Design director | Class A – Great Wall Motors, Baoding Hebei


She is very professional and methodical. For me it was a strange language but her modules made it easy to learn. Learning Chinese from Indian teacher always makes it easier. Very prompt in her class schedules and flexible too in case if we are not able to make it. I got through level 1 and now i am able to use it with my Taiwan colleagues. Most probably will take up level 2 soon.

Ganesh H R

General Manager Jindo Chemical Solutions Pvt Ltd (Jintex Group – Taiwan)


Language learning is time consuming process. Due to various reasons/obstacles, learner’s interest will be dropped during course of action and he/she will give up learning. Sonia Mam ensures that your motivation level and spirit are well maintained throughout the course duration and beyond that. She is excellent on that front. One on one session are very helpful, flexible and well-tuned and aligned to individual need. I am very lucky to get a Tutor like her. She gave lot of references for self-learning and enhancing the skill set. Skype class conducted by her was highly effective and very useful, I felt like being in class room. At beginning of the training program, course content, timing and method were mutually agreed & all the expectation were met and at many times she has given logical reasoning for the grammar & word formation methods which was out of course material. It was very useful for me. At the End, with first level learning, now I am able to start conversing with my customer contacts and that makes them happier to interact with me. & also this learning gave me confident to learn on myself with to improve further on language skill. Frequent revisions on every alternative class helped me to make foundation strong & quickly correct my learning methods. & at last, I would like to say thanks for her coaching and excellent motivation & also very big thanks to her family members for their excellent support. Over all my experience is very good and positive.

Saravanan K

Delivery Head | KPIT Technologies Ltd.


When I joined the class I was not sure if I will ever learn Chinese and how many lessons I will be able to complete but with the great support and efforts from Sonia I could finish the complete book and really feel happy that I learnt Chinese. The course structure was very planned and organised, she even taught me many things out of the book which are related to daily life and Chinese culture. All the course material was provided to me. She explained everything with the help of examples which I could easily co relate and remember. She is a very patient teacher, some times I will not remember the words or previous lessons but she will be always smiling and will help me to remember those words with the examples she had given. I really felt motivated during the classes and that is the reason I could learn Chinese in very short span of time. Proper explanation of the written and listening exercises was given and if needed she will re-teach also. In short I will say Soniya is a very cooperative and dedicated teacher, her teaching style is very engaging, she has complete knowledge of the curriculum and has a passion for her subject which in-turn motivates students to learn more and more.

Nupur Bhardwaj

IT Analyst – TCS Limited, Shanghai

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